A Widow in a Web

Just when the author’s life seems perfect as a child, her father’s sudden death radically changes the direction of the lives of her mother, her sister, and herself. Many years later, when she is happily married and has two daughters of her own, her life repeats itself when her husband dies at an early age. This time, she must take over the responsibility of raising her two daughters alone.

This true story plays out like a journey through a web. The events of the past and the present seemingly connect to each other and connect the choices she had made through love and family. This story shows how a mother struggles through the confusion and helplessness of suddenly losing her spouse. In the process, she learns a tragic lesson when it comes to trusting people with her financial situation.

While she has learned from the experiences of her past and now knows it had been God’s intention to make her stronger all along, she shares her life’s story in order to pass on the wisdom she gained, hoping that others will learn from her mistakes and be prepared before the death of a spouse. Although she had watched how her mother struggled after her father’s death and had heard horror stories about what happens to widows, she never thought it could happen to her. She hopes her words will prevent it happening for others.

Title: A Widow in a Web

Author: Tina Nicoletti Brodie

Length: 166 pages

Published: September 9, 2015

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

Tina Nicoletti Brodie was inspired to write this book because people were intrigued by her personal history repeating itself, along with the struggles that came from being a widow. 

When Tina was young, she lived a very comfortable life with her father, mother, and older sister. They had lots of friends and family who enriched their lives. But suddenly, at age ten, her life dramatically changed when her father died at the early age of forty-nine.

Many years later . . . in her adult life . . . 

Tina lived a comfortable and fulfilling life with her husband and two daughters. Her life changed suddenly with the shocking death of her husband at the early age of fifty-three, leaving her with their two daughters to raise.

Learning from the difficult times she observed when she was young now helps her cope with raising her daughters alone. The similarities between her life after her father’s death and now is amazing. After the tragedy of her husband’s death, Tina faced many obstacles, which were compounded by involvement in an investment that turned into a web of complications that became a nightmare.