A Young Pioneer's Journey in 1851

A daunting long and dangerous trek lies ahead for the family of thirteen-year-old Willie Killian as they begin their journey across the rugged Pioneer Trail in 1851. Sore feet, strained bodies, and tired minds struggle with the long daytime hours of walking and the many chores when stopped to camp for the night.

Dusty trails, unpredictable weather, and flaring tempers are only a few of the many problems Willie must deal with on this difficult adventure. Nonetheless, he manages to find ways to relieve some of the monotony, and he cleverly brings together other children in the wagon train to enjoy some childhood games and make chores fun, despite the hardships. All along the way, he must learn many of life’s harsh and unfair lessons. Joy, wonder, heartache, and death all take their toll on the travelers.

Take this trip with Willie and your eyes will be opened to the reality that the early pioneers had to face in order to make their way to a new land that offered the promise of security, freedom and creating a new home.

Title: A Young Pioneer’s Journey in 1851

Author: Jeffery Paul Pedersen

Length: 252 pages

Published: October 9, 2013

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing 

Author bio

An interest in history and a knack for storytelling seems to be a part of Jeff’s family legacy. Jeff was born and raised in Salt Lake County, Utah of strong pioneer ancestry. Jeff honorably served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and is an Eagle Scout. Carrying on his grandfather’s tradition, Jeff enjoyed taking his son, and now grandson and granddaughter, on adventures exploring historical trails and landmarks. While on these adventures, he would tell stories of the people that passed through the area long ago. Jeff married his sweetheart Renee, a native Wyomingite, and they treasure living in Wyoming surrounded by family. He enjoys fishing and hunting in Wyoming and Alaska with family and friends. Jeff’s interests include hands-on studies of the many historical, geological and paleontological areas in Wyoming. While working with the American Indians in the Southwest, Jeff had the honor of being adopted into the Kachina Clan of the Hopi-Tewa. This provided him with an insight into the life of these native people, their unique history, traditions, ceremonies, and way of life, both past and present. This gave Jeff an understanding as to why they are a proud people.