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A daunting long and dangerous trek lies ahead for the family of thirteen-year-old Willie Killian as they begin their journey across the rugged Pioneer Trail in 1851.

Sore feet, strained bodies, and tired minds struggle with the long daytime hours of walking and the many chores when stopped to camp for the night.

Dusty trails, unpredictable weather, and flaring tempers are only a few of the many problems Willie must deal with on this difficult adventure. 

In a faraway land where the sun always shines, everyone is happy—except their beloved king.

Even though he is wealthy enough to buy the sun and the moon, the king only wants one thing: to be able to sing. As a wise old man helps him uncover his hidden talents, the king soon learns that everyone has the ability to shine when doing what they love.

In this charming children’s tale, a king who cannot sing sets out on a quest to find his inner-gifts, with help from a wise man.

Left to fend for themselves after everyone on their wagon train dies, Saylor and Amy Tucker are taken in by an old Shoshone woman who teaches the sisters how to survive in the wilds of Wyoming in 1867.

Traveling to Fort Bridger, Wyoming, Daniel Hackett is looking forward to starting a cattle ranch with his parents and his grandparents. When a group of Shoshone warriors tell the wagon train about two sisters living in the mountains, Daniel and some of the other men decide to rescue the sisters and take them back to civilization.