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Gabe Johnson’s father is murdered. The Law won’t do anything about it. Gabe privately gets even with the killers in his own way. When the Law comes looking for him, he joins the Union Army.

Gabe’s skill and common sense play a big role in keeping him alive until he gets discharged. His luck gets him through a lot of the dangerous situations he finds himself in.

That summer of 1947, sixteen-year-old Christy had no way of knowing she would make new friends, some of whom were not what they seemed to be. She had no way of knowing she would fall in love, and that the ranch would change her forever. If she had only been afforded a glimpse into the future, she would have turned and run for her life before she took the job, never looking back.

When Dori’s husband is taken and killed by the Romans, Dori is befriended by Paul. To escape the wide spread persecution of Christians, Paul, Dori and her two sons travel to Damascus where they meet Judas, who takes them in and helps them start a new life. Judas of Damascus is the story of a man of deep faith and endless compassion for his fellow man.

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