Citizens' Advocates

Jake Woodley grows up in a future society where the U.S. government is divided into six main sectors and run by a majority vote (of the larger populated areas). Pollution is at an all-time high. Nuclear wars are pending. A highly popular group called Citizens’ Advocates, who are supposedly supporting the people by standing up for their rights, are secretly imprisoning, torturing, and killing people who get out of hand. They also control the masses with immunizations and genetic alternations, as well as have world-wide plans to create the perfect race and dominate the world. Jake, a genius in genetic studies, happens upon government deleted files and uncovers the truth. Now, he has to figure out how to stop them before they find out what he knows.

Title: Citizens’ Advocates

Author: John Thayer

Length: 292 pages

Published: June 2, 2013

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

John Thayer lives in Corona, CA, with his wife Gabriella.  A grandfather of three children, he began his writing career by scripting primers for them.  His love of baseball and individual freedoms permeate his life as well as his writings.