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Does my manuscript have to be submitted in Microsoft Word?

Yes. The manuscript must be submitted in Word 6.0 or higher for printed books and e-books.

How are e-books different from printed books in the publishing process?

Printed books require a different file format than e-books. Also, various e-book sellers use different processes and formats for their electronic books. For example, Kindle has its own unique format that is not compatible with other ebook readers. Your manuscript must be converted into the proper format for each type of reader before it is submitted and approved for availability to the public. We publish e-books on Kindle ( 

Can someone read your e-books on an ipad or iphone?

Kindle offers free apps that you can download to your ipad, iphone, computer, and other electronic devices, allowing you to read e-books on these devices. 

Can I include pictures in my book?

Pictures, graphics, and charts can be printed inside your book in black and white or in color. Using even one colored picture in your book, however, moves it into a different price category that requires a colored printing process, costing considerably more than books printed in black and white. This cost factor will increase the retail price of your book. New Friends Publishing charges an additional fee for the manipulation of photos, graphics, and/or charts when preparing a manuscript in the printed book format and/or for the e-book format.

How long will it take to get my book into print?

Each case varies, depending on the timeliness of receiving the manuscript, the timeliness of receiving your input for the cover, the condition of the manuscript, the time it takes to format special provisions, put together the book cover, send you a copy of the finalized file and cover, and receive your approval before submission. If all goes well, this can be accomplished in one or two weeks. Otherwise, it may take a couple of months. We will work diligently to facilitate the process on our end and, with your assistance, get all this done in as short a time as possible. Once the manuscript and the book cover are ready to be submitted to the printer, it normally takes one to two weeks to receive the proof. Once the proof is accepted, the book will be available for purchase within twenty-four to forty-eight hours by the public. You can order books through us immediately.

How much will my book cost on the retail market?

The retail price is determined by the number of pages in the finished book. The book length is determined by the number of words in the manuscript, the size of the font, and the size of the book. Photos and graphics can also add pages. We make every effort to make the number of pages a reasonable length so that the cost of the book to you and on the retail market remains in a lower range. At the current time, a paperback book running 250 pages would retail at about $12.99. Electronic books have less overhead, allowing for a much lower retail price. If the size of your book is a concern to you, please feel free to contact us to get more specific details.

What are your royalty rates?

For retail sales through, we pay you 20% of the retail price on printed paperback books. That would be $2 on a $10 book, or $4 on a $20 book. For all sales outside the U.S., e-books, and all books sold through other retailers, you receive 75% of the amount New Friends Publishing receives. No royalties are paid on books returned, damaged, destroyed, or lost in transit. No royalties are paid on the half-priced copies purchased by the author from New Friends Publishing.

When do I get paid?

Some authors sell only a few books each month. Rather than sending out small checks every month to everyone, royalties are generally paid bi-annually, in the months of June and December, after the date of publication and after royalties have been received by New Friends Publishing. However, if you accrue $25 or more at any point, we will send you a check for the accrued amount the following month. In other words, you could get paid every month if you sell a lot of books.

How do I order copies of my books?

You can contact New Friends Publishing by email or phone to order books. In accordance with the number of books you wish to purchase, the cost of the books, plus shipping, will be calculated. Some states are now requiring taxes on these books, which will be added to the order. When payment for the books has been received by New Friends Publishing, the books will be immediately ordered and shipped directly to you. Once the order has been placed, it normally takes one to two weeks to receive the shipment. You can order as many books as you desire, as often as you desire. (A 4% service fee will be added to all credit card orders.)

What is the purpose of a proof?

The proof, the first printed copy of your book, offers you the opportunity to see what the finished book will look like before it is made available to the public. Before the book is submitted for a proof, you will be sent a copy of the manuscript document in the final submission form, as well as a copy of the finished book cover. You should look over these files closely for any errors or desired changes. Notify New Friends Publishing of corrections or adjustments. Once these are made by New Friends Publishing, the documents will be submitted to the printer for a printed proof.

What happens if I receive the proof and I want to make further changes to the manuscript or the cover?

Minor changes should be noted and submitted to New Friends Publishing. We will make the changes, proof it on-line, and publish the book. If major changes are to be made to the book or the cover after the proof has been received, a $50 fee will be charged.

What happens after two years and my contract is up?

You can renew the contract for an indefinite period of time or let it expire. If it expires, all rights revert back to you and New Friends Publishing will declare the book out of print, no longer making it available for purchase through New Friends Publishing on You can contact New Friends Publishing at any time to renew the contract early. New Friends Publishing will also make every effort to contact you prior to the termination of the contract. All royalties received on your book after the contract is terminated will be forwarded to you as they are received by New Friends Publishing.

What if I get an offer from another publisher to publish my book?

The contract with New Friends Publishing can be terminated at any time for any reason with a thirty-day notice or when the two-year contract date expires without renewal. At that time, New Friends Publishing will declare the book out-of-print, freeing it up to be published elsewhere, as well as terminating all future royalties that would be processed through New Friends Publishing.

What does it mean to have my book declared out of print?

In the past, an “out of print” book was defined as not being available in a print edition through regular retail channels. Currently, this definition does not apply to the reproduction of books through print-on-demand or electronic means, which can, technically, remain available permanently, whether or not copies are being sold. Without a clear out-of-print clause in a contract, a publisher may hold the rights to a book indefinitely, retain a share of all future proceeds, and prevent the author from gaining full rights to the book. When New Friends Publishing declares the book out of print, all rights revert back to the author immediately. New Friends Publishing will no longer take a share of the proceeds from books sold in the future, and will not hold responsibility for any rights to the book. This also means that the book will no longer be available on or through the New Friends Publishing company. All royalties received on your book after the book is out of print will be forwarded to you as they are received by New Friends Publishing.