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A daunting long and dangerous trek lies ahead for the family of thirteen-year-old Willie Killian as they begin their journey across the rugged Pioneer Trail in 1851. 

Dusty trails, unpredictable weather, and flaring tempers are only a few of the many problems Willie must deal with on this difficult adventure. 


In a faraway land where the sun always shines, everyone is happy—except their beloved king.

Even though he is wealthy enough to buy the sun and the moon, the king only wants one thing: to be able to sing. As a wise old man helps him uncover his hidden talents, the king soon learns that everyone has the ability to shine when doing what they love.

In this charming children’s tale, a king who cannot sing sets out on a quest to find his inner-gifts, with help from a wise man.

Left to fend for themselves after everyone on their wagon train dies, Saylor and Amy Tucker are taken in by an old Shoshone woman who teaches the sisters how to survive in the wilds of Wyoming in 1867.

Traveling to Fort Bridger, Wyoming, Daniel Hackett is looking forward to starting a cattle ranch with his parents and his grandparents. When a group of Shoshone warriors tell the wagon train about two sisters living in the mountains, Daniel and some of the other men decide to rescue the sisters and take them back to civilization.

As if traveling with three gold-hungry men, a jealous girlfriend, and the dangers of traveling across the wide-open plains wasn’t enough, now Daniel finds himself wondering if he has gotten in over his head when Saylor starts showing a romantic interest in him.

Gabe Johnson’s father is murdered. The Law won’t do anything about it. Gabe privately gets even with the killers in his own way. When the Law comes looking for him, he joins the Union Army.

Gabe’s skill and common sense play a big role in keeping him alive until he gets discharged. His luck gets him through a lot of the dangerous situations he finds himself in.

That summer of 1947, sixteen-year-old Christy had no way of knowing she would make new friends, some of whom were not what they seemed to be. She had no way of knowing she would fall in love, and that the ranch would change her forever. If she had only been afforded a glimpse into the future, she would have turned and run for her life before she took the job, never looking back.

When Dori’s husband is taken and killed by the Romans, Dori is befriended by Paul. To escape the wide spread persecution of Christians, Paul, Dori and her two sons travel to Damascus where they meet Judas, who takes them in and helps them start a new life. Judas of Damascus is the story of a man of deep faith and endless compassion for his fellow man.

JT Carpenter, Utah Special Agent for Wildlife Resources, has to stop the Gray Ghost, an old mule deer that is killing hunters on Tabby Mountain. A ghostly shaman dressed in buckskins and carrying an ancient bow that shoots real arrows is seen with the Gray Ghost, complicating things. Meanwhile two beautiful women, a jet-setting millionaire and an artist, vie for JT’s attention.

When the prime minister of Japan is mysteriously assassinated in the Czech Republic two days before a crucial G7 summit in Belgium, all hell breaks loose. Former army colonel, Roy Young joins a hastily formed international intelligence task force to find the killers as geopolitical tensions rocket.

February 1948 Accra, Gold Coast

Eighteen-year-old Ani Baknu’s life parallels the struggles of the country. Both are determined to end the oppressive hold over them and become free. Ani’s father Kofi is determined to keep Ani under his control as long as possible.

Birds, cats, frogs and dogs. Can they get along? Macy has lots of animal friends. She likes to hang out with all of them. Do you know why: Find out in Friends with Everyone.

Juliette Murray is back.

In this book, Juliette and Noah Novack uncover more secrets to Jill’s disappearance. Using all of his resources, Noah and Juliette race against the clock to find Jill, all the while falling deeper into the throes of passion. Meanwhile the killer grows more aggressive, taunting them, leaving clues, and daring them to find him.

(For Mature Audiences)

John “Stick” LeMaster is a former Marine turned PI. When Stick is asked to identify the body of his former lover, Lottie Dee, it turns out the body isn’t hers. Suspecting a setup, Stick falsely confirms her identity and returns to his hotel. There he finds Lottie very much alive. Her query, “You in our out?” will change the course of Stick’s life.

Running a Wyoming cattle ranch in 1873 wasn’t easy, especially for a young woman. Alexia Rourke battles her headstrong cousin, an unscrupulous banker, and wild Indians. On top of this, the fort floozy is determined to dash Alexia’s quest of attracting the romantic interest or Lt. Prentiss, Fort Laramie’s new adjutant. Will Alexia maintain control, or will she lose everything?

Juliette Murray loves to be on stage dancing. Noah Novak offers her a job. Her attraction to him is strong, but she’s determined to walk away when the job is finished. Unfortunately, things get complicated. Jessica gets involved in the search for a missing girl and becomes a target of a mad man. (For Mature Audiences)

Seeking the answer to a 35-year-old secret, Roy and Sofia Russo rile up the Vatican bank, the Jesuits, and Italian Mafia groups. Unraveling the mystery, Roy and Sofia make dangerous enemies who will stop at nothing to keep their secret safe.

The United States is in chaos. An impending takeover by illegal aliens puts America on the brink of disaster. Wars against Muslim countries abroad require heavy resources that the country cannot maintain.

Big Bill Barrett, stands alone in the middle of the chaos.  Facing overwhelming odds, he is determined to fight these evils. Will he be able to save the country he loves from doom?

Cholera, Indians, conflict among the travelers, and Mother Nature conspire against nineteen-year-old Tyler Linders and his family as they travel by wagon across the Oregon Trail. Hoping to find a wife by the end of the trail complicates things for Tyler.

After leading a daring mission to release Mikhail Kasinov from a Siberian prison, contract military operative Roy Young unknowingly sets in motion a clandestine plan which could lead to a Nuclear war. Can Roy stop it? Or will the world be changed forever because on one man’s madness?

The sequel to Freedom’s Long March

Catia and Onesemis travel cross-country helping Apostle Paul spread the word about their religion. Along the way they meet other members of the faith who are being persecuted for their belief in The Cristo.

Based on real stories of Syrians, this moving tale of love and genocide is seen through the eyes of a young couple pushed to the forefront of a battle against the bloody regime in Syria. Follow their journey of pain and endurance as they struggle to survive.

Etibert faces overwhelming odds when a fatal incident with a Roman garrison forces his tribe into subjugation to the Romans. On a brutal mandated march of 1000 miles with the Romans, will Etibert be able to stand up for his tribe and win their freedom?

Isabella’s perfect life as the owner of an upscale design firm is threatened by a secret harbored by her husband and a budding love affair between herself and her new manager. Will her magical world topple as her life spins out of control and things turn deadly? (For Mature Audience)

Being dyslexic in the 1950’s adds a curious, often funny outlook to Tommy’s life as he grows up with taunting older brothers and a father who is a cop. This novel, based on a true story, explores Tommy’s worlds and the gift of his brother’s songs.

Genetics and politics come together in a deadly mix of suspense and intrigue. Will a young genetic scientist be able to expose the truth before a sinister plot threatens the welfare and liberty of the entire world? Find out in this exciting political thriller.

Years after Emma Taylor witnesses the murder of her family, she finally thinks she has gotten her life together. Just as she finds the man of her dreams, haunting memories of her past are reawakened by the appearance of the man in her nightmares. Will she lose the man she loves if she tells him the truth about her past?

In 1947, a spaceship crashes in Roswell, NM. Before the dust settles, the government steps in and witnesses begin to die. A boy scout snaps a picture of the site only to find himself caught up in the middle of a conspiracy.

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Murder and mayhem in South City. “Stick” LeMaster sets out to solve the mystery of the murder of “Newsboy” Clemmons, only to find himself in the middle of a deadly plot. Will Stick become the next victim?

Six-year-old Micah’s mother dies and leaves him at the mercy of Star, a tough madam who runs a brothel. Will an angel be able to help him? Find out in this touching story that takes place in the Old West.