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Where have we come from? Where are we going? Do we have control over our own evolution?

This book explores, analyzes, and gives form to a vast, little-known territory: the contents and functioning of our interior world, a world influenced by our organic, psychic conduct and our ability to reason with the conscious mind.

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This love story celebrates the power of hope, dedication and victory over multiple adversities and survival from early childhood incest. Suzi endured a half-century of mental disorders and physical illnesses that threatened to defeat her through repeated attempt at suicide. But, they did not defeat her. She eventually triumphed over them.

In 1939, at thirteen years old, George Freshman faces the horrors of the Nazis Regime when Germany invades Poland. He survives the Holocaust and hardships of recover through a positive attitude, tolerance, perseverance, and optimism about the future.

Just when Tina’s life seems perfect, her father’s death radically changes the direction of the lives of her mother, her sister, and herself. Many years later, when she is happily married and has two daughters of her own, her life repeats itself when her husband dies at an early age. This time Tina must take over the responsibility of raising her two daughters alone.

A true story of compassion, courage, and faith. Esther’s story, told from a young girl’s perspective, will touch your heart as it brings to life the struggles endured by the unfortunate souls who were caught in the tragic events of World War II.

In this investigation, the author presents research into the development of the modern mind from its remote beginnings. The book studies how we acquire knowledge and how we make decisions, introducing an important principle that enables us to modify our behavior.

One night of drinking leads to the death of a young man. In this book a father talks about losing his son, the consequences of teenage drinking, and what he and his family are doing to bring awareness to the issue of teen binge drinking.

Learn the secrets behind human suffering. New findings bring new awareness of Natural Laws that will open your eyes to never-before imagined possibilities. Reconnect with the most powerful force in the universe: Yourself.

Funny anecdotes bring to life the author’s memories of growing up in the Fifties, an era of simpler times and humorous events that will bring a smile to your face.

In 1941, Billy Liedloff runs away from home. This begins his adventurous life to new and fascinating places. All the while, his loving family awaits his return. Read this gripping true story to learn the joys and struggles of Billy’s tragically short life.

Denise’s happy teenage life with her loving aunt and uncle ends when a judge orders her to live with her mother and drunken stepfather. Follow her true and inspiring story as she struggles with her faith and gains strength through her poetry.

Humorous, heartwarming tales about the pioneers who first settled Lake Havasu City, AZ in the mid-sixties. This desolate, isolated desert town turned out to be an oasis because of those who dared to strike out with nothing more than their talents, foresight, and dreams

Jala McKenzie faced the overwhelming challenges of bi-racial birth, abandonment foster care, adoption depression, and gender identity. She shares her inspiring story and brings to all a message of hope and encouragement.

Born into poverty during the Great Depression, Darl Reynolds escaped the tiny backwater of Monday, Ohio, and went on to serve his country in WWII, ride the rails of the Pennsylvania RR, and own and operate several nursing homes. This is his story.

Universal truths spill from the pages of this anthology containing inspirational stories and poems. Lift your spirits with the insight and messages these authors have to offer.

Come along with this mother-daughter team as they embark upon new destinations that always turn into exciting adventures. Their travels will spark your desire to take a trip of your own.