Judas of Damascus

After Jeshua is crucified on the cross, Jerusalem, Damascus, and Rome become dangerous areas for early Christians, especially followers of the Way, who believe Jeshua is the Messiah. Facing harassment, beatings, and death at the hands of Roman soldiers for their beliefs, the followers of the Way discreetly hold meetings, pray and spread the word about their teachings. Many people are forced from their homes, losing everything but what they can carry with them. Some of the people are sent to see Judas, a merchant from  the town of Damascus. Judas helps everyone he can, taking them in even for one night.

When Dori’s husband is taken and killed by the Romans, Dori is befriended by Paul. Traveling with Paul, Dori and her two sons end up in Damascus. With Dori’s help, Judas takes in more and more travelers.

As harassment and tensions escalate, Judas realizes his shop in Damascus is not going to be safe for long. He and his fellow followers build “The Garden,” on property he owns outside of town, a safe haven for followers of the Way. Over time, The Garden grows, becoming a small town of like-minded people who believe Jeshua is the Messiah.

Judas of Damascus is the story of a man of deep faith and endless compassion for his fellow man.    

Title: Judas of Damascus

Author: Kay Penny Eaves

Length: 154 pages

Published: May 12, 2018

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

Kay Penny Eaves is a retired teacher who enjoys Bible study and studying the history of Israel. She has traveled widely and lives in Montana. Her travel and living abroad several years widened her horizons and believes God has used that dramatically in her life and writing.