Rosemary (sewing pattern) creates a soft, cuddly rag doll with dark eyes, long lashes, and a friendly smile that warms the young at heart. Her thick curly hair is falls in layers and can be pulled back with a bow or hang loose and free when she wanders around the garden to smell the flowers. She likes to tease her twin brother Sage (pattern sold separately), who often works in the garden. She wears a two-piece matching outfit made up of a top and elasticized skirt. Underneath her skirt she wears matching bloomers. Her bright buttoned vest adds color to her face and clothing. All her clothes, including her shoes, are removable.

Rosemary is the perfect homemade gift for someone special on a special occasion, like a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just any day to warm a child’s heart or bring a smile to a friend’s face.

She belongs to a family of dolls called the Sunshine Garden Dolls. All are the same-sized dolls and can wear their clothing interchangeably.

Title: Rosemary Doll Pattern

Author: Anne Cote

Length: 35 Pages

Published: January 26, 2021

Formats: Print book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing