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Sunshine Garden Paper Doll books

Each book contains two paper dolls and their clothes.

Daisy’s favorite playtime is running through the fields of flowers as the wind blows against her face. She’ll lie in the grass for hours and watch the clouds roll by. Her cat Puddles is always by her side. Daisy is a carefree, happy girl with a great love for the outdoors. She likes spending her time planting, growing, and gathering flowers. She’s in charge of the greenhouse, where the seeds are started during the winter season and the small plants are set out in the spring. She is inspired by the hippie ideas of peace, harmony, and simple things. Her favorite color is blue.

Sunflower is the oldest of the Sunshine Garden kids. She stands tall and sturdy like a giant sunflower. She is reliable and helpful to others. She is in charge of the garden and likes to plan and organize the planting and gathering of the flowers and vegetables. She is a hard worker, but she enjoys line-dancing and having fun when the work is done. She loves everything that grows, all the flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Her favorite colors are yellow, orange, brown, and green; the colors of fall and her tall, beautiful sunflowers.

Dandelion is a tomboy, full of energy and full of play. She is dedicated to gardening and could spend all day there. She’s an early riser, the first to start digging and planting in the morning just as the sun comes up. She’s clever with garden tools and likes to share her time-saving discoveries. She likes to experiment with plants and seeds to make new varieties of vegetables and fruits. Her heart always goes out to an injured animal or insect and she must take care of them. All the creatures of nature are welcome in her presence. Her puppy Dazzle is her constant companion.

Poppy is always full of surprises. She likes to do fun, exciting things, like acting out dramas. She’s full of energy and carries herself with flair and boldness. Her favorite part of the garden is a small plot that has no organization. In the spring, she loosely throws flower seeds of all kinds across the plot, then tends to the seedlings as they grow and blossom into many different flowers and colors. She is in charge of the strawberry patch and brings in the strawberries as they ripen.  She loves bright, bold colors, especially reds of all shades.

Marigold is full of fiery playfulness, just like her cat Blaze. She likes to think of herself as being her own person. She sews and makes her own clothing, which creates a wardrobe that is unique and different from everyone else’s. She enjoys a variety of different styles and chooses to wear whatever her mood suggests each day. She loves gardening and watching the plants grow through the seasons. Her artistic ideas add a flair to the way the plants are arranged in the garden. She loves greens and all shades of oranges, yellows, and reds.

Primrose is dainty, ladylike, and gentle with all creatures of nature. She likes dressing up and wearing girly clothes. She doesn’t like getting dirty in the garden, so her duties are watering the container plants and organizing the seedlings in the greenhouse. She takes ballet lessons in the mornings and spends part of the afternoons clipping flowers and arranging them for the table. Her kindness is appreciated by everyone around her. Her favorite colors are pink, blue, and yellow.

Sage is a happy-go-lucky, bright kid. He’s rough and ready to work hard in the garden. He loves being close to the earth and tending to plants. He especially likes being in charge of the herb section where he has cleverly arranged the plants to make watering and harvesting easy. Since many herbs grow all year long, he’s out in the garden during the cold seasons. Sage enjoys picking flowers for his twin sister, Rosemary. He’s always happy to play with his puppy, Bandit. Aqua is his favorite color, but he also likes purples and earthy tones.

Rosemary is fun-loving and happy. She loves pretty things and girly clothes. She has an artistic flare and uses it when she paints flowers on garden pots and garden furniture. At the beginning of each planting season, when the seeds are put in the ground, she makes fancy little signs to mark each row of vegetables so no one will be confused by what comes up. She is creative when cooking the fresh food from the garden. She enjoys teasing her twin brother, Sage. Together, they play with their puppy, Bandit. Her favorite color is lavender, but she also likes aqua and yellow.

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