Suzi: A Life of Suffering and Triumphs

This is a love story. It celebrates the power of hope, dedication and victory over multiple adversities and survival from early childhood incest. Suzi, my wife and best friend, endured a half-century of mental disorders and physical illnesses that threatened to defeat her through repeated attempts at suicide. But, they did not defeat her. She eventually triumphed over them. This book explains, in her own words, how she did that…and her many subsequent accomplishments. Her last two decades of life, although encumbered by relentlessly progressive Parkinson’s disease, proved her happiest. She found peace in life.

Her endeavors at self-destruction were not motivated by a desire to die. She wanted peace…release from suffering. She believed that tranquility could be achieved only through death. Her mental maladies included Bulimia, Obsessive/Compulsive, Dissociative (Multiple Personality), Depression, Bipolar and Personality disorders, while her physical illnesses included Hypo-Thyroidism, Endometriosis and the need for several organ surgeries.

Neither I, nor friends and family, were at first aware of Suzi’s mental ailments. She lived a secret life designed to protect her from anticipated rejection by her loved ones if they discovered the truth. She lied to survive. And, she did it convincingly. Throughout this turmoil, Suzi succeeded as wife, mother, grandmother, professional, friend and caregiver.

Suzi defeated every one of the disorders by age fifty-three, in the 1993. She enrolled as a student in Santa Barbara’s Antioch University; earning, within five years her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in organizational management. She never received less than an “A equivalent” grade during that time. Suzi was offered a faculty position upon graduation, but, Parkinson’s attacked that same year, forcing her retirement.

This book builds upon the foundation of searing and honest papers that Suzi wrote about her afflictions; including all comments by her professors. Several of her academic papers are also included, attesting to her proven superb scholarship. Suzi inspired many suffering people during her lifetime. She will continue to do so through this testament.

Title: Suzi: A Life of Suffering and Triumphs

Author: Dr. H. David Shuster

Length: 246 pages

Published: June 19, 2016

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

Dr. H. David Shuster’s varied career includes academic, industrial, military, entertainment and entrepreneurial leadership experiences. Beginning as a U. S. Airforce electronics/radar instructor and field technician, he held diverse engineering management positions with Burroughs, General Dynamics, RCA and General Electric and his own consulting firm.

Dave’s academic history includes ten years as tenured associate professor of political science, economics and management, and Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Humanities at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and adjunct faculty positions in colleges and universities across the nation. His presentation skills are enhanced by his years as a classically trained vocalist and actor, having performed on TV, radio, theatre and clubs.

Dave’s numerous publications include articles spanning engineering, logistics, quality and project management, politics and economics. The Project Management Institute (PMI) published his latest book; Teaming for Quality: The Right Way for the Right Reasons, in 2000.

Dave earned his doctorate in higher education curriculum and philosophy, a master’s degree in political science at the University of Rochester, a pre-legal bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University and numerous diplomas in electronics/radar, digital circuits, Boolean Algebra and number systems, and systems theory.

Dave and Suzi, moved to Wilmington, NC, from southern California in 2003. As a public speaker he offers performance improvement and academic presentations to varied organizations. Dave retired from teaching in 2014. He taught courses at UNCW, Campbell U. and other North Carolina colleges and universities, and performs “songs from yesteryear” (1890 – 1960).

Suzi passed away in 2013 from complications of Parkinson’s disease. Their sons; Lt. Col. Scott C. Shuster (USMC) Ret. (wife Cori, daughter Erin and son Matt) and Lt. Col. Mark A. Shuster (USMC) Res.(wife Mary and son Tyler) reside in southern California.