The Awakening of Reason

Where have we come from?

Where are we going?

Do we have control over our own evolution?

Our knowledge has soared to the planets and stars, plunged to the depths of the sea, probed invisible microbes, and learned from the mysterious atom. Ever on the verge of more innovation, we stand ready for amazing revelations in the fields of technology, cybernetics, electronics, laser studies, and newer areas still vague and nonexistent. With all this knowledge of the external world, however, we are strangers to our own internal selves.

We are born with an instinctive system that is guided by genetically recorded instructions, collected through thousands of years of evolution. Unfortunately, these instincts try to manage us as if we were anthropoids living in the jungle. Can we control our behavior or are we bound by the instincts and conduct of our genetic inheritance?

Fortunately, we are also born with the faculty of reasoning, a faculty that is often in conflict with our instinctive natures. By using reasoning, we can begin to affect our decisions and actions. And while instinct and reason struggle to gain control over our behavior, it is through this struggle that we are able to grow and learn to know ourselves.

This book explores, analyzes, and gives form to a vast, little-known territory: the contents and functioning of our interior world, a world influenced by our organic, psychic conduct and our ability to reason with the conscious mind. 

Title: The Awakening of Reason

Author: J. M. Tessey

Length: 268 pages

Published: June 20, 2018

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

J.M. Tessey started out by studying the interesting and little-researched relationship between thoughts and emotions, which led him to explain the origins of many emotional problems, including depression. Tessey studies this from the viewpoint of a new science – Evolutionary Psychology – which focuses on man’s relationship with his evolutionary past.

Tessey is a well-established writer and journalist specialized in Philosophy, Psychology, Genetic and Evolutionary Psychology. Freelance science writer for the principal Peruvian newspaper El Comercio. Has extensive experience researching into animal and human behavior, presenting new concepts of the relationship between man, his conscious mind and the process of self evolution.