The Cryonic Deposition

When the prime minister of Japan is mysteriously assassinated in the Czech Republic two days before a crucial G7 summit in Belgium, all hell breaks loose.

Former army colonel, Roy Young joins a hastily formed international intelligence task force to find the killers as geopolitical tensions rocket.

Together with Karolína Bacha, a rising case worker from inside the Czech Republic’s Intelligence Directorate, Roy unravels the layers of deception, uncovering questionable links between a Berlin-based cryopreservation research group and an organization connected to one of the superpowers.

A new economic mandate follows, implanted by an unknown terrorist organization with an unrealistic deadline. The consequences of failure are disastrous, the ripple effect gargantuan. As others fall, the world’s leaders turn to one person who has the nerve and the know-how to uncover the truth, restore order, and bring justice to the sponsors of a plot to exert an unhealthy level of control inside the collective superpower boardroom.

But time is running out.

And the risks are getting greater.

Title: The Cryonic Deposition

Author: Jon Paris

Length: 396 pages

Published: December 11, 2016

Formats: Print and E-books

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

Jon Paris is a consultant and investor in the oil and gas industry with over 25 years experience. He previously held the position of chief executive of a major energy consulting and services organization. Prior to that he spent a number of years with the one of the world’s largest mining corporations. His educational pursuits took him from a university degree in engineering, a master’s in business administration and a doctorate in management and behaviour. He lives in the southwest of Ireland with his wife and three sons.