The Red Herring

Most people are critical about her job, but Juliette Murray loves to be on stage, dancing for men who are nothing but strangers to her. She gives no excuses for exploring her body as a go-go dancer. Dancing is everything. It’s what she was born to do. Her life could never be more content, or so she thought . . .

When Noah Novak corrupts the club she works at with his power of wealth and masculinity, she feels captivated by him. And when he offers her the job of a lifetime, the money is hard to refuse.

The job: to pose as his wife for an exclusive event.

Although her attraction towards the dark and mysterious billionaire is fascinatingly powerful, she’s determined to walk away when he no longer needs her services. But Juliette quickly realizes that her gratifying life will never be the same. The mission to pose as Noah’s wife seems innocent enough, but when she becomes conscious to the fact that Noah is desperately trying to find his missing friend, she can’t just walk away. She wants to help Noah. She wants to protect him. And when the two get deeper into finding the truth about what happened to his friend, Jill Miller, the stakes and the accusations become dangerous.

Juliette was to be the red herring, a simple distraction for a society that surrounded Noah. But when the duo uncover secrets regarding Jill’s disappearance, and they embark on a steamy affair, Juliette will no longer be the shadow alongside Noah. She might very well become the target of a mad man.

(This book is intended for mature audiences.)

Title: The Red Herring

Author: Jessica Anderson

Length: 264 pages

Published: January 31, 2015

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

Jessica was born in Tennessee, but was raised in Osceola, WI. She currently lives there with her husband, and their beagle, Sport. On her free time, when she isn’t cheering on her husband who races quads, or gathering around a bonfire with her neighbors, she’s reading books and getting caught up in a fantasy. She has always enjoyed reading, but she found her passion truly addicting after reading Sandra Brown.

Wisconsin is smothered by brutal winters, but she enjoys the season to do some snowboarding with her younger sister, Amanda. But with everything she enjoys, writing is her absolute favorite. She continues to follow her dream, listening to music for inspiration and creating a story. She always encourages that people follow their dreams. The path may seem endless; the journey may prove to be challenging, but don’t let that stop you. It all begins with one step, and you can’t be afraid to take it and follow your dreams.