The Vatican Deception

After being approached by Sofia Russo, a young and extremely fashionable Italian prosecutor, Roy Young is commandeered  from a military training consultation he is about to commence and immersed in the middle of a Vatican centered machination.  Following the death of Sofia’s mother and the revelation of a mysterious secret she held for most of her life, Roy, together with Sofia, pilot their way through the honchos of the Vatican Bank, the Jesuits, Pharmaceutical majors, and two of Italy’s most notorious Mafia groups in search of answers.

Roy and Sofia dodge capture and death more than once after coming head-to-head with Cardinal Alejandro Barros, CEO of the Vatican Bank and Monaco-based Reiner Hoffmann, Chairman of Hoffmann Enterprises, a global corporation with holdings in several mega pharmaceutical firms. The ultimate prize: monetization from stem cell clinical trials.

Roy finds out everything is not as it appears, uncovering a series of malicious, commercial arrangements materializing beneath the veneer of pioneering advancements in genetic treatment, and all somehow mysteriously linked to an iconic murder 34 years earlier.

Deception summits to new levels when advancements in genetic research encounter a global destiny greater than anyone could have ever imagined…

Title: The Vatican Deception

Author: Jon Paris

Length: 408 pages

Published: December 9, 2014

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

Jon Paris is a consultant and investor in the oil and gas industry with over 25 years experience. He previously held the position of chief executive of a major energy consulting and services organization. Prior to that he spent a number of years with the one of the world’s largest mining corporations. His educational pursuits took him from a university degree in engineering, a master’s in business administration and a doctorate in management and behaviour. He lives in the southwest of Ireland with his wife and three sons.