What happens when a quiet geek tosses a half-dozen lab mice into a crowd of girls at  a hockey game?

Will the trauma of being squeezed between two 250-pound women in the back seat of a car ruin one shy teenager’s life? And how does he use the idea to prosper later in life?

Will God seek revenge on an eighth-grader who lies about wanting to become a priest in order to avoid responsibility for his behavior?

Do you know what “hop a car” means?

Have you ever seen a “church key”?

To find these answers and more,  join LAURENCE DUNN as he takes you back in time on a humorous adventure to his childhood. A rollicking good time will bring back fond memories for those who lived in the Fifties. For those born later, the stories will teach you something interesting about the past.

It’s Ugly . . . But Funny

Title: Ugly . . . But Funny

Author: Laurence Dunn

Length: 134 pages

Published: July 22, 2013

Formats: Print and E-book

Publisher: New Friends Publishing

Author bio

Born July 15, 1940 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Larry spent two years in the U.S. Army from August 1959 to August 1961. He graduated from St. Cloud State University in 1966 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. He worked 34 years in business management and sales. He married his wife, Diane 48 years ago and together they have two daughters and five grandchildren. He presently spends his summers in Northeast Wisconsin and his winters in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.