New Friends Publishing, LLC

The Friendly Publisher

What We Do

We take your manuscript, submitted as a Microsoft Word 6.0 document or higher, and convert it into book format. You are responsible for the content of the work. If the manuscript requires substantial editing, we will notify you of the situation, but you will make the final decision on the content. When the cover and the manuscript are ready, we will supply an ISBN number and upload your formatted document for printing. The final price of the book will be determined by the number of pages in the printed book.        

Prior to publication, you will receive an electronic copy of the formatted manuscript and the book cover to review. If you want to make changes or corrections, you submit them to us. We make the changes and return the document(s) to you for your final approval. An initial copy of your printed book, called a proof, will be sent to you to check for final errors or changes. We will make those changes and submit the book for publication. Your book will go into print and be available to the public for purchase on Your book will also be listed on the New Friends Publishing website with a link to Your book will be put on an expanded distribution list that goes out to distributors and wholesalers, increasing the potential for your book to be purchased.      

You have the option to submit your own professionally-designed book cover or have us design one for you. You may submit a photo, graphic illustration, copy wording, and/or suggest a picture you have in mind to be incorporated into the cover design. If you don’t have any ideas for a cover, we can help you with that. We will design and develop, from scratch, a book jacket that comes close to your vision of what you want to express on the exterior of your book to capture the essence of your book’s content. The customized design includes the use of wording, fonts, colors, graphics, and/or photos to create the effect you desire when your book sits on a store shelf or is shown over the internet. If you choose to submit your own cover, we will send you a template for the proper sizing and we charge a fee to cover the final adjustments and preparation work involved in submitting the cover for publication.     

You have the option to register your book with the Copyright Office or have us submit the application for you. Although it is not required that you file with the Copyright Office, a registered copy offers you more legal power should there ever be a question about the authorship of the book. The copyright we take out for you will always be in your name. When we register the copyright, we will send two copies of your printed book (or e-book if there is no printed book) to the US Copyright Office for their records. It could take up to six months to receive your copyright registration document. When we receive it, we will forward it to you to keep.

We will expand a customer’s experience of your book on by preparing a Look-Inside-Book file. This feature allows customers to browse the inside of your book on-line before purchasing it. We will also list your book on Ingram’s Distribution List. This is the list retailers use to decide what books to order for their stores.  

We can turn your book into an e-book to help you can maximize your profits. With this option, we will prepare your manuscript in an electronic format that will be available on Kindle, the most popular e-book store on the Internet. This process includes an ISBN separate from the print-book ISBN.  

New Friends Publishing will order your books for you at any time and in any amount at half the cover price. We will have them shipped directly to you. Although you will not receive royalties on the books you purchase at half-price, we will pay you royalties on all books that are purchased through, e-book stores, and retail stores that make your book available through the extended distribution list. Royalty payments are made monthly if you accrue at least $25 in royalties each month. If you don’t meet the minimum amount each month you will be paid bi-annually in June and December.           

You pick and choose only the services you want. We are willing to do part of the work or all of the work. We will formulate a two-year contract to meet your specific needs. Some of the services, like the e-book feature, can be added later if you want to start on a smaller budget with the printed book first. Or, you might decide to do the e-book first and save the printed book for later or not at all.        

After your book is published, you have the option to terminate the contract at any point within the two-year period if you find another publisher, decide to self-publish, or wish to take your book off the market for other reasons. After the two-year contract is up, you can renew the contract indefinitely if you wish.

Our mission is to help make your publishing experience easy and convenient, as well as efficient and fast. We also want to make it as simple as possible for you to take control of your own rights should your circumstances change at any point.

What We Don’t Do

New Friends Publishing is not a traditional publisher nor a literary agency. We offer publishing services to authors who desire to get their books in print without having to learn the complex processes necessary to self-publish through KDP and other on-demand printers.  

We do not edit or proofread the manuscript. We highly recommend that all manuscripts are professionally edited before being submitted to New Friends Publishing. You are responsible for the content of the book, as well as all grammar, spelling, and punctuation.   

We do not market the books beyond making them available on and the Ingrams Distributor list. We will include your book on the New Friends Publishing website. You are responsible for any additional promotion and marketing of your book.           


Books published through New Friends Publishing are not made available to libraries. We reserve the right to reject publishing a manuscript that we perceive as containing illegal or objectionable material or that does not meet minimal standards for publication.